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She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, "THANK YOU"
James, 8 August 2021
Thanks for helping to meet a wonderful person.
John, 8 August 2021
Having joined in January 2017, I met someone on your site in January. We are getting married next year. Delayed due to covid. Thank you.
Janine, 5 August 2021
Over 4 years ago now, and we're getting married next year :-) Thank you!
Peter, 4 August 2021
Thank you for providing this platform to meet people.
Geoff, 2 August 2021
I found the perfect match, thank you.
Alison, 27 July 2021
I am very happy with the response I had from your members. I have had several meetings with one outstanding meeting that lead to a series of meetings/dates and we have decided to give us a six months trial. We are both very pleased with our dealings on this site. Thank you.
Trevor, 12 July 2021
This site has easily been the clearest and most user-friendly dating site I have used. Thank you.
Rob, 12 July 2021
Thank you for the service.
Mark, 8 July 2021
Thank you for making the impossible possible. He is definitely my cup of tea.
Gabriela, 4 July 2021
Ive met a wonderful woman from here. Thank you.
Billy, 4 July 2021
I have found a match that I really want to go forward with.
Michael, 3 July 2021
Have met a lovely man. Thank you.
Karen, 28 June 2021
Shes lovely!
Steve, 28 June 2021
I have made a lovely connection through your site which I'm hoping will flourish.
Joules, 26 June 2021
Your site is lovely, easy to use and I am happy with what has been achieved. Thank you.
Thomas, 25 June 2021
This site has some really genuine people on.
Elizabeth, 20 June 2021
I am happy with my current partner that i found on this site.
Lawrence, 13 June 2021