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Online: 26 October 2017

Modified: 26 October 2017

About her

Country of origin:
Wandsworth, London, England
Star sign:
5' 1" (155cm)
Body type:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Marital status:
Never Married
Looking for:
Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A short-term relationship; A long-term relationship; Marriage; A fling
Have children:
Want children:
Daily diet:
Eat healthily
Trying to Quit
University / College student
Ask me later
Ask me later
Home language:
Other languages:
Christian / Catholic

About her ideal match

Country of origin:
Anywhere in the World
Anywhere in the World
Age range:
40 - 49
Star sign:
Aries; Taurus; Gemini; Leo; Sagittarius; Capricorn; Aquarius
5' 8" (172cm) - 6' 0" (184cm)
Body type:
Average; Athletic; A few extra pounds; Other; Stocky
Very Attractive; Above Average; Average; Attractive
Hair colour:
Blonde; Dark Blonde; Light Brown; Dark Brown; Black
Eye colour:
Black; Blue; Blue-Green; Brown; Green
Has a photo:
Not important at all
Marital status:
Never Married; Separated; Widowed
Have children:
Want children:
Daily diet:
Eat most things; Eat healthily; Vegetarian; Vegan
Never; Occasionally; Trying to Quit
Never; Occasionally
University / College student; Further education; University; Postgraduate; Private school
Enough; Comfortable; Wealthy
Home language:
English; Danish; Dutch; Gaelic / Irish; German; Italian; Norwegian; Russian; Swedish; Welsh
Other languages:
Christian / Catholic; Christian / Protestant; Christian / Other; Spiritual, but not religious; Christian / Orthodox
  • Not important at all
  • Slightly important
  • Moderately important
  • Decidedly important
  • Non-negotiable

In Her Own Words

About her

I'm a petite, mixed-race French woman (white/black) with a bubbly and optimistic personality. I love reading - nowadays it's more in theory than in practice as I can't find the time to do it - but I love books as much as I love classical music. And since I listen to Classic Fm 24/7 it should give you a pretty good idea of my interest in books. Either to buy them, read them or pile them up. :-).

I'm sensitive with an artistic soul so I tend to feel more comfortable around kind, genuine people and nice or quiet places, especially if I'm surrounded by art or Nature. For that reason, I enjoy visiting museums, gardens or just walking in parks and woodlands.

I know, I know.. it sounds a bit boring and not that exciting at first.

But wait - add an interesting conversation, a dash of sunny weather, a generous sprinkle of romance plus a pretty lady on your arm - that would be me- et voila! You have a perfect recipe for a romantique date. :-)

In terms of what I like: good people, animated films, fresh fruits, long lie-ins, daydreaming, honesty and good manners. More generally speaking, j'aime tout ce qui est beau, vrai et bon.

Things I don't like: meanness, lip service or any forms of deceptive behaviors, loud people, rudeness, selfishness, bigotry and snobbery.

I don't drink much, and don't like being surrounded by people who drink either so generally speaking pubs and bars are not my favorites places in the world.

About her ideal match

I would love to meet a great guy, easy to talk to, kind, articulate and fun.

Then again, by fun I don't mean that you must tell jokes constantly or be in an expert at juggling balls, doing party tricks or entertaining the neighbors every week-end!

So long as you're positive, laugh at my jokes once in a while, smile at my quirkiness and don't mind being around me while I'm being my bubbly self then you're fun enough for me. :-)

I don't let myself go, try to stick to a balanced diet and to keep in shape so I'd rather meet someone who has the same mindset - you don't have to be a gym rat or have your Personal Trainer on speed dial to qualify as my ideal match though!

On top of being romantique, I'm a sensual and very tactile woman who loves touching, kissing and massaging. So if the idea of having a pair of caressing hands or soft lips on your skin turn you off, if you don't do cuddles or tender hugs and can't show your woman some gentlemanly consideration once in while then we probably won't get along.

In terms of activities, it doesn't really matter in my case so long as we both have some hobbies. Great if we can enjoy them together but not a problem if not. The weather in the UK is not warm enough for me to enjoy being outdoors all the time so I wouldn't do well with someone who loves spending his life outdoors - unless we're both happy to relocate to a warmer place!

What would make the relationship work? Honesty, loyalty, support, kindness and true love.

Deal breaker would be deception, in one form or another. Probably some other things too but this would be a killer, that's for sure.

On a lighter note, if you can't stand Mozart it may be a deal breaker as I am a big fan but if you like Bach, Handel, Barry or Einaudi .. then we may be able to make it work. :-)

What Her Friends Say

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More about her

Personality traits
Sense of humour:
Ruled by:
The heart
Party behaviour:
An average mingler
Personality traits:
Ambitious; Confident; Easygoing; Faithful; Generous; Happy; Loving; Optimistic; Thoughtful; Trustworthy
Valued qualities:
Compassion; Faithfulness; Honesty; Kindness; Self-control; Tolerance
More physical characteristics
I wear contacts
Fashion sense:
Contemporary (I'm cool, but I don't need labels)
I have none
Hair style:
Medium; Curly; It has its moods
Body art:
Pierced ears; A tattoo or two
Leisure & entertainment
Favourite colour:
Favourite clothing:
Some sensual satin lingerie
Date activities:
A music concert; A picnic in a park; Dinner at a restaurant; Going out dancing; Going to the theatre; Meeting for coffee; Going for a walk
Music preferences:
Classical; Jazz; Pop / Top 40; R&B / Soul; World
(Auto)biographies; Best-sellers; Business; Crime; Fantasy; Fiction; Horror; Mystery; Non-fiction; Romance; Science / Technology; Self-help; Travel
TV programmes:
Cartoons; Comedy/Sit-coms; Documentaries; Dramas; Educational; Movie Channels; Music Channels; Nature/Wildlife
Movie preferences:
Black & White / Silent; Comedy; Cult Classics; Documentary; Drama; Independent; Mystery; Romance
Board games; Cooking; Gardening; Healthy living; Internet; Music; Painting; Pottery; Reading; Sculpting; Singing; The arts; Voluntary work; Writing books
Fishing; Golf; Scuba diving; Tennis; Yoga
More lifestyle
Pastimes of choice:
Reading a book
I quite like cooking
Movie frequency:
Occasionally or irregularly
Sport involvement:
Watching from the couch
I like animals
Family contact:
I see them when I can
Current relationship:
I'm single
Willing to Relocate:
For the right person, to the moon!
I read books occasionally; I read newspapers occasionally; I read magazines occasionally
Dietary Restrictions:
Likes & dislikes
Pets (Like):
Cat(s); Dog(s); Fish
Assertiveness; Dancing; Erotica; Flirting; Intelligence; Showing affection in public
Body piercing(s); Long hair; Sarcasm; Thrill seeking
The deep stuff
Religious attendance:
I'm non-practising
Feelings about using Classic FM Romance:
Hopeful; Curious; Optimistic; Excited